Sunday, March 28, 2010

Foley Elementary

Another great school visit in the books! On Friday of last week, Susie Bazil and I were fortunate enough to visit the 2nd graders from Foley Elementary. We were there to share The Sick Bug!!!!!!! We started the sessions with the 2nd graders off with some show and tell, some sketching and then went into full scale sick bug production. Using nothing but newspaper and colored vet wrap, the kids created some amazing 3d Sick bugs! The truly took the project to heart and left quite a mess for the media center afterwords. But all together, it was an amazing visit and look forward to bringing the new book "The Sick Bug Goes to School" back to Foley next year! Check out these amazing sick bugs that the kids created!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

School visit and upcoming CBIG exhibit

After a few weeks of not posting, I am back! Hard to believe how fast the month of March has gone by, but with the summer looming ever closer, i am not going to complain. Hopefully April will slow down a bit as there is much to be done. Between the two books The Sick Bug Goes to School and Gregory's Paper Airplane that I am currently working on, there is the upcoming CBIG exhibit at Minnesota Center for Book Arts, the LA Times Festival of Books, and some fun streetpaintings that will kick off with Art in Bloom at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

To kick off the next three months of craziness, there will be a school visit tomorrow to Foley Elementary in Central Minnesota. Susie and I are looking forward to visiting with the kids and helping them create their very own sick bug sculptures. With the second edition of The Sick Bug book series titled The Sick Bug goes to School, I am thinking that the upcoming school year might be a busy one with visits to the schools. So, I will be sure to post about the visit to Foley in another note when we get back! Until then, I hope everyone has a great weekend and keep Thursday April 8 in your memory bank, as that will be the opening reception for the CBIG exhibit at MCBA. I will do a separate post about that soon!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Exciting news......

It is with great pleasure that I announce an amazing new adventure that I will be partaking in with my street painting. As many of you know, I have been increasingly producing street paintings for the last couple of years and have come to love the thrill that comes from creating such ephemeral pieces of art. To be able to create these rather large street paintings in front of an ever changing audience has created a thrill that I can not shake!

It has been hard the last month or so not to post about it, but am happy to say that I will be joining Art for After Hour's as one of their professional Madonnari (street painting artist). Having the opportunity to learn and work with some of the industry's best Madonnari will be a joy to say the least. Not only will it be great to work with these artists, but also the diverse clientele and locations that come from this wonderful avenue of art. Many thanks to Art for After Hours President Anthony Cappetto and Marketing Director Wendy Stum for bringing me on board. I look forward to the fun that is to come! To check out Art for After Hours visit their website or you can directly link to my artists page.

So to leave you with a few images, here are some of my previous street paintings.

Burnsville Jazz Festival 2009

Minneapolis Institute of Arts 2008

Minneapolis Institute of Arts 2009