Sunday, September 13, 2009

"The Path to Forgiveness" available to order!

Happy Sunday everyone. Hope you have been able to get some good things done this weekend so far. I wanted to start this post off with the good news that "The Path to Forgiveness" is available for sale now and if you go and order it from the website link above, it will also get signed! Other places that the book will be available will be Barnes and Noble and Amazon to name a few. This book not only makes a great gift for friends and family, but for your own families as well. With that, many thanks goes out to Michele Deville for a great collaboration.

In other news, Susie and I had a great time yesterday with a day long book event at the "Jesse James Days" in Northfield. Having never been there, I was surprised at how huge of an event it was with events and activities all over the city. We had a great time there promoting "The Sick Bug" and many thanks to Northfield Urgent Care for asking us to come down for their sickness awareness area.

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