Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Workin on some new drawings

As you can probably tell, the posts have been a little sparse lately.  I am hoping that starting the new year will allow me to do some more posts.  Having a hectic schedule and some really fun projects coming up is making for a little bit of craziness!  But I won't complain as it is good to be busy and out of trouble.  So as the year begins to wrap up here, I have been doing a fair amount of charcoal drawings lately.  Having not done them in over 5 years, i have been reinvigorated to keep working on new drawings.  This one above is a self portrait that i did recently.  The other image is of my grandmother.  With each new one, it is getting a little bit easier getting back into the swing of things with the charcoal.  Plus, it is just another reason to get messy in the studio :)


Amy Cerny Vasterling said...

Hi Shawn!

WOW! Looks like you're up to some great things. I LOVE the image you co-created in Sarasota! What an amazing image! Fun to see the pics/video from the Target event too. Have fun in Milwaukee, a great holiday season and making art too!

Shawn McCann said...

Thank you Amy! I am definitely having fun with all sorts of crazy projects. Hopefully 2012 gets off to a great start for ya! Cheers!