Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Playing with a new medium! UltraViolet black light paints and chalk!

I know what you are thinking.  Why would Shawn want to try even more types of art materials and why hasn't he tried this amazing stuff before?  Well, the answer to that is that up until this point, I had no reason to use UltraViolet black light Chalk and paints.  I am finding though that I am loving the material and the great effects you can get as you 'light' up the night.  Here are a few pictures of the materials.  These happen to be the black light chalk that Eternity Arts sells.  They are a a great resource for all of your street painting needs.  Though this time, I would not be using them in the street, they are none the less amazing and can't wait for my black light paints to show up tomorrow to start playing with those too!  As for the reason for my using them, I am hoping to share that with you very soon :)

The variety of colors to choose from Eternity arts Black Light Chalk

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