Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'm back! The move to the new pad and studio is complete

Whew, what a few months it has been since I last posted.  This summer definitely flew by.  The good news is that I am totally enjoying my new house and studio!  It has just been a lot of hard work and sweat moving not only my normal stuff, but all those art materials and the worst of the lot; the books!  Many props to all of my friends and family that helped make the move so great.

Now it is a matter of getting back into the swing of things and get the studio back to full speed.  This fall is definitely going to be great with some amazing projects and trips coming up.  I will be doing another mural at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for the Terra Cotta Warrior show and will also be heading out to North Dakota, Georgia, Florida, and Washington DC on some projects.  Can't wait to post some pictures of the upcoming events and work!  Until then, here are a few shots of the new place to hold you over.  And if you are in the neighborhood, swing by and grab a beer:)

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