Monday, June 11, 2007

After a little break

After having had a few days off in North Dakota, it was nice to get back to the mural at Vast Enterprise. I didn't get a full day on the mural as I spent most of it in Waconia taking down the exhibit there. Over all it was a great experience and had alot of comments. And I sold a few things to boot, so it was good. As for the mural, I managed to get the trim work painted on the house and garage and started laying in the windows on the garage. I also spent alot of time working on the trees and a few things as well. As of right now, I have six days to hopefully finish with a few extra days on the end if needed. So, with that, you can imagine what I will be working over the next week. Check back soon for more updates on the mural. Tomorrow will be spent laying out the slate tiling on the roof and maybe some window and door detail. PS. If you noticed a panel missing, it is from Mike taking it home to work on the driveway details.

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