Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Mural Day #2

So day two has arrived for Vast Enterprise's mural and now I am starting to feel the fact that we are working all day on a large mural. But, after two solid days of progress and work, I feel we are right on track to finishing by the middle of next week. Crazy to think that yesterday as of noon there was nothing but a white wall. Funny how a day can change things. So in the pictures that I posted you can see some of the textures that are starting to form on the stucco look on the building and if you look closely, you can even catch a glimpse of me in one of the photos! In other news, will be taking down the Waconia show in the next week. Can't believe that it is coming up on six weeks already, but am anxious for some other fun events upcoming. Check back tomorrow for another days progress on the mural.


Anonymous said...

Is that a pile of brown adult beverage bottles I see amongst the equipment? Hope you two are having a jolly good time. The mural looks great!


Shawn McCann said...

Thanks anonymous for the comment about the mural. We are definitely having a jolly good time. You will have to check it out in person at some point.