Monday, April 6, 2009

Making a push before the trip

Hello everyone. Hope you all had a great weekend and were able to get some fun activities in. Things here have been pretty busy lately with lots of illustrations needing to get done and a shorter and shorter window to do them in. So with a trip to Arizona coming up at the end of the week, it is going to be a crazy busy week. The good thing though is it is really exciting to see the progress of the illustrations come together. To give you a little tease of one that is in its beginning stages, I have attached a photo of its progress. I know it isn't going to look like this when it is done, but wanted to show you how it looks now. Hope you like and wishing you all a productive week!


Nina Crittenden said...

Cool, Shawn! Have a great trip and bring some of that Arizona sunshine back with you!

Shawn McCann said...

Thanks Nina. I am so looking forward to the sun and warm weather! Hope things go well for you here

Sharon Wagner said...

It's fun to see your work in progress.