Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Worth of What You Do

Reading an article this morning, I noticed a post that mentioned a candidate slamming another candidate because they were "worth" 10 times less.  I understood that they were strictly talking about wealth(money), but is that "worth" simply based on wealth?  In todays world where most are concerned simply about themselves, it is refreshing to see how many people view their own wealth as what they do and not what they have.  To be able to help out in small ways, we often find they go the farthest.  For me, I don't have the money to be supporting all the causes or fundraisers I want, but thru things like projects with a purpose to simply having a conversation with an eager student who is interested in the arts, it is the simple things that you can do to make that difference.

This difference was also noted as I was preparing to do a short speech at my alma mater's(MCAD) scholarship luncheon this last week.  As I reflected on what it meant to me to receive the scholarship that allowed me to continue to study art, I was taken aback by all the people who have made a difference in my life that didn't provide financial support, but rather providing the knowledge and encouragement to pursue what I love.  To be able to have that network of people, both people you know and those who simply pass thru, provide the wealth of what they know and do is to me worth more than any amount of money could be.  Sure having cold hard cash is always great and you can do some amazing things with it, but in the end, money can not buy the happiness and "worth" that makes a person great.  I know I usually don't get into discussions or posts like this on my blog that often, but thru my career so far, I have been blessed to work with so many wonderful people that are making a difference with their personal "worth" that I felt it necessary to speak up.  As I end this, I will leave you with a project that I am extremely proud to be apart of, "Gregory's Paper Airplane".  A project where a young boy named Benjamin Sherman is not concerned about achieving the personal "wealth" that many people seek, but a "worth" of helping others.  May we all have the same drive and commitment to make us truly wealthy in life!


Sharon Wagner said...

Great post. One of my favorite art moments was a mear $19 sale. A girl wanted to buy a piece of my painted glass. But she only had like $10 for a $20 piece. She came back later in the day with $19 wadded up in her hand. I don't know what she did to collect it. I sold it to her and she was SO happy. I'll never forget her excitement. Priceless!

Street Art said...

i used this blog! if you have more comments in your blog, too many posts to read everyone. thanks for sharing this blog.