Saturday, February 24, 2007

Working in the storm

How great it is to be in the studio and look out at the storm of snow and wind outside. And to think we were around 50 a couple of days ago. Crazy how the weather is. Anyways, I have worked more on the big mill painting and am getting close to done. I will hopefully post a finished version by Tuesday or Wed. this upcoming week. The Hooked on Reading event this morning was alot of fun as well. It was nice to see the families venture out in the weather to come and visit with us in Chaska and the kids where having a good time with all the activities around. Now it is time to get ready for the workshop at the end of march and some other upcoming deadlines. Never a dull moment that's for sure!


Janvangogh said...

Always interesting to watch the progression of a painting.

Shawn McCann said...

Thanks janet. I hope the progression so far has been a good one!