Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Second Blues Poster teaser

Well, I have gotten a number of questions as to what the second image for the blues poster competition looks like. While I won't be posting what the final version looks like until after March is over(which is the deadline to enter), I will give you guys a little teaser as to what it looks like as a black and white sketch. After the 1st of April I will be sure to post the real one for your viewing. The image itself is of a harmonica player belting out a tune on stage with the theme of the Festival "30 years: Nutin' but the Blues" placed about the image. Hope you like how it all started!


Anonymous said...

Looks like another one takes on some ideas of your thoughts. Keep thinking!!! Looking at both of the posters, I'm sure they'll get attention.
Nice work....Keep it up

Shawn McCann said...