Monday, May 28, 2007

Studio rearranging

After a couple of months living and working in my new space, I thought it was time to arrange a few things to make them work a little better. The best thing that came out of this all was a great new view I have of the outside. It almost feels like I am actually working out there! Now I can keep an eye on Dakota, work on my projects and still feel like I am not couped up inside. So, with my new space, I have started a new project. One of the things I need to accomplish in the next month is a self portrait in my children's book style. It is going to be going on the Children's Book Illustrators Guild new website when mine and everyone else's is done.

So to give you an idea of one of my techniques, I thought I would give you a little tidbit of how I get my textural aspect into my pieces. As you can see, I start out with some gel medium, cutup magazines, and a great piece of thick artist paper (arches). From there I just start laying out the pieces and try to get as much texture with the paper and also the medium. Once this is all done, I have to let it set for a day so that I can go back in and start drybrusing the acrylic on there to utilize the texture. Before that though, I will most likely shade the background a solid color to give it some "kick" behind the actually painting. Check back to see my beautiful face shot take shape over the next day or too!

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