Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Wolf Kahn

There are many artists whose work inspires me to create and when a friend of mine recently mentioned the name Wolf Kahn, I felt like I knew who and what he had done, but couldn't put a finger on it. Then as I was digging thru my ever increasing library of books I came across a little publication of his work that I had received from a curator at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts a number of years ago. Looking thru that book of about 14 pieces really brought a new sense of color and composition that I had viewed many years ago. What a great feeling of reconnecting with imagery that was there, but not recognizable at a given moment. That's one of the things I love about having many books filled with great artists and thinkers and the like. When you need inspiration, what better place to start looking than thru some of the work of the masters. Unfortunately, most of my books I use as visual reference rather than reading, but I find myself studying more of the text lately. Maybe it is because of the Nordic book that I am reading now or just that fact that I have a moment to reflect on different things. The good thing though is that I have been taking this last week and a few days to rejuvenate my work and get back into a refreshed mode after pushing so hard the last few months. Now I feel I can work towards another great body of work and really put the attention into creating the pieces the way they need to be made. So until the next posting which will have a piece of my work( I promise), enjoy the art of a great artist that truly embodies color, composition and the use of brushstroke.


Cynthia said...

I LOVE Wolf Kahn's work. When I lived in Maine, I hoped to catch one of his lectures, but never did. I think he brings a real excitment to landscape painting.

Shawn McCann said...

Isn't his work amazing cynthia! Every picture is a new world to explore with the color and the composition. One day I hope I can achieve just some of the success he has attained!