Friday, August 24, 2007

Start of another school year.

As the last few months have seemed to just blow by, I have come to realize that summer is fleeting away with the start of another school year. Even though I am no longer in classes, I will be at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design bright and early tomorrow morning to welcome the new students. It is one of the many events that the Board of Directors puts on throughout the year and that I have been fortunate to be apart of. I have found that with this orientation and the also the international student barbeque that one of our Board members has at his house, it really gives the students as well as us a chance to get to know everyone on a very personal scale. As a student, coming to a campus that has only 700 total students throughout the college, it can be a very individual experience rather than a public university that has 5000 incoming freshman alone. As an alum, I know what they are going through and will have a blast getting to know where everyone is coming from and what they are hoping to study during their four years here. I am sure there will be lots of questions from everyone. So with that, I am looking forward to working tomorrow on my next Illustration Friday topic and will hopefully be posting tomorrow night.

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