Tuesday, November 6, 2007


As an artist, I often find mentors and others to look up to for not only inspiration but insight into a very challenging career path. In my time that I have been associated with the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, I have come to see the impact that a professor by the name of Kinji Akagawa has had on not only my fellow classmates and I, but students and artists from the last 30+ years. Kinji is a person who not only welcomes you into a class, but as a fellow artist outside of it. It is with his love of the arts and teaching that won over so many people over the years. And with that, it was fantastic to see Kinji win the 2007 McKnight Distinguished Artist award a few months ago and to recieve a copy of the book about him today in the mail. To know him is a gift and to see him honored for his dedication solidify's his passion in the arts. His artist's statement reads:

"I am not a philosopher and I am not a politician. I work as an artist, craftsperson, teacher, learner, and researcher in this community, respecting those who are living and exchanging energies in the landscape of art and the ecology of life."

Kinji Akagawa


Cynthia said...

I have known many a wonderful teacher and know exactly how you feel about Kinji Akagawa. Congratulations to him!

Shawn McCann said...

Hi Cynthia. Isn't it great knowing such wonderful teachers and people to look up to. Difinitely gives one the umph to keep pushing!