Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Upcoming Art sale this weekend

One of the great things about this time of the year is the fact that there are a number of special "holiday" activities to take part in. My favorite types of course are the art events that come around. This year I will be taking part in an event in my new neighborhood. It is the Holiday Art Sale at Union Church in Elk River. I hear it is quite the event with lots of artists that will be there and will even be featured on Kare 11 news in Minneapolis this friday. SO, with that, I have been busy getting some things ready for the sale and will be going to pick up a number of pieces being framed on Thursday. The pictures above are a little bit of a funny thing since the one that looks the largest(the drawing) is only 10" wide versus the painting at the bottom which is a little over 2 feet. That's the joys of cropping I guess. If any of you are in the area on Saturday from 10-4, you will have to stop by Elk River and come check it out. As for the address, I will be getting that in the next post tomorrow or Thursday. Have a great rest of the evening and hope all is well for everyone.

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Janvangogh said...

Here's hoping it goes well.