Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Kolb Studio progess's

After a short hiatus on the Kolb Studio painting I am getting back into it and working on finishing it by the weekend. I managed to get alot of things figured out with location and color in which I can start putting finishing highlights and textures on next. This one and some of the other ones I am sure you have noticed are getting a little more expressionistic with color and brush stroke. I am getting back into some of my old style that I had done a couple of years ago with texture and color and having fun with it. On the other front of things going on, I was invited to be apart of a Plein Air painting competition the week of July 17-20 in Aiken Minnesota. It will be a week of painting and enjoying the outdoors about an hour and a half from the twin cities. It is part of the River Boat Arts fest 2007 sponsored by the Jaques Art Center in Aiken. I will keep you posted as to the locations and times we will be out there so if anyone wants to stop by and check out the fun festivities you can. Plus all the paintings that are done in the field are available to buy, so they will be great gifts for anyone!!


Janvangogh said...

It's looking good.

The plein air event is going to be fun. Are you going to use oils or acrylics? Bring plenty of 5x7 canvas panels along.

Shawn McCann said...

Thanks Janet. I am definitely excited about the event. I think I will use both the acrylics and oils. I enjoy working with them both. And to add a fun twist to it they are having a 2 hour quick draw competition within the competition to see what kind of drawings we can do too! Talk about keeping us on our toes.