Monday, April 30, 2007

One more push

After much debate and thought, I am looking at getting one more painting done for the show next week. I was looking at the amount of pieces that focused on the canyon and thought the mill city painting needed a companion. Since it is so close to the exhibit, I have decided to work in Acrylics instead of oils. That way the painting will actually be dry when I hang it. The first image is the painting I have started of the old Pillsbury elevator that is on the opposite side of the Mississippi River banks from Mill City. I thought they would work well together. With any luck, it should be done by Thursday night. The other pic is of one of my walls that will soon be empty once the paintings go to the show. It will actually be nice to get the space back and start focusing on the next show which will be in July at the Edina Art Center. I only have a couple of my children's illustrations that will be done for that though. I am also starting to layout a major solo show that will have 20 -25 paintings that is going to happen next June here in the Twin Cities. Never too early I guess to start in on it. That way there isn't so much last minute work. Will be back soon with more crazyness.

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