Saturday, April 28, 2007

Texture, texture, texture

Today started off as a busy one with a couple of meetings near downtown Minneapolis this morning. It was an especially nice ride into town since I had the sunroof open and the windows down enjoying the warm beautiful weather. Then it was back to business in the studio with the final pushes for the paintings. As I was working I noticed that the texture of some of the paintings were really cool to look at from the side. So I thought I would take a snapshot of that and show you myself. This one is a closeup of one of the apache trail paintings. The other photo is of Dakota as she lay on my pillow watching me work from afar. I am sure she is getting sick of all of this work as well! Anyways, will be back with some final pics in the next day or two.


Cynthia said...

The close up texture is really cool, thanks for sharing that with us! Dakota looks like she's waiting for you patiently. What a good studio dog. I'm so happy it's finally spring around here too.

Shawn McCann said...

Glad you like the texture Cynthia. It is fun to look at your pieces from new direction and see the crazy textures that build up. As for Dakota, she actually was resting after a long walk and play time in the yard earlier in the evening. Otherwise she would have been bouncing around the studio rather than relaxing!

Janvangogh said...

Texture is very happening.