Saturday, July 7, 2007

Beale Street and outdoor drawing

So Saturday is here and the heat outside has been a great enticement to stay inside and work in the comforts of the studio. After spending the morning cleaning things up, I was finally able to see some of my work space again. I took advantage of that newly found space to fill it up with more crap that was sitting on the floor. The good thing is I still have a few areas that I could work at if I needed it. As for the Beale Street painting, I starting sketching it out, and am liking the direction it is going. I have another one that I will be sketching out tomorrow morning, but for now, it will be getting things straightened out on this one.

In other news, tomorrow I start a drawing class that I will be teaching for the next 8 weeks at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. It is going to be so fun to have a drop in drawing class that will allow people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to try their hand at landscape drawing. The reason for this class is to coincide with the show Mirror of Nature: Nordic Landscape Painting 1840-1910 going on in the museum. I definitely recommend anyone who loves landscape paintings to check out these beautiful pieces.

Also, this week is the start ofArt Watch at the White Bear Art Center in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. There will be about 40 schooled artists setting up temporary studios to work while the public is invited to watch or visit with the artists. It should be another great time and am really looking forward to seeing alot of friends that I haven't seen in a while. Stay tuned for a complete schedule of times and places to be to come and check it out for yourself!


Blaine Dunham said...

You're a stinkin' genius! My mom Has fallin in love with the "Lake Pepin" piece.

Shawn McCann said...

Thanks Blaine for visiting the blog. Glad to hear that your mother loves the "Lake Pepin" piece.

Janvangogh said...

Love your color choices.

See you later this week.

Shawn McCann said...

Thanks Janet. I can't wait to see you again as well.
Have a safe flight in!