Sunday, January 13, 2008

Squirrelly work!

Happy Sunday to you guys. Hope your weekend has been going good so far. Sorry for the absence of posts lately, but have been hunkered down working on the final illustrations for two different books. The good news is that I should be done with the one book project by the middle of this week and the other one by the weekend. Then maybe I can get back to a more structured posting schedule. As for the images and stuff, I will hopefully be able to post them in the near future, but have to wait till they get the final approval to show you guys. I hope you understand. In other art news, have been working on a illustration project that will be reviewed by the cartoon network in the next month or so as well, so there is a lot to think and wonder about there.

Speaking of thinking, one of the things that I have really found to be interesting over the course of my art career so far is the flow of my artwork between my fine art and my illustration. Just when I think it is time to push full force with my paintings, my illustration work takes off and vice versa. At this point last year, all i was really talking about was my fine art and here so far this year it has been nothing but illustration. I guess it is that way to make sure that I keep both of these areas going full force and not get too burnt out with one area. And when I think about it, I don't think I could do without either one of these. They both provide that excitement and challenges that keep me wanting to start the next thing right away. Well, I guess it is time to quite my thinking session and get back to the work. As a visual treat for you I have posted some character studies of a squirrel that I have been working on lately. These are two different versions of what he could be. Overall I have probably 50 different variations of this character, but thought that would leave to many people's heads spinning to look at them all. So here are two of them. Hope you enjoy.

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