Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The blues poster is in the works

As I was looking through the list of different competitions and call for entries out there currently, I came across one that got me so excited that I have to share it with you guys. To most people, my love of blues music is something that I don't devulge, but a quick look thru some of my illustrations that I have done in the past can easily show my interest within the blues. The competition that I am going to be entering is the 30th Annual Mississippi Delta Blues and Heritage Festival Poster competition. They are looking for artists to submit poster designs for this years festival. So, I have been spending the evening working on concepts and such and if you happen to stop by my place, you will no doubt be engulfed within the music as well. So here's to a fun competition and I look forward to seeing what I can create. Hopefully the judges will like what I do too!!!

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