Sunday, January 7, 2007

Getting Things started

Welcome all to Studio McCann. Here you will find the ins and outs of a crazy man in the arts. You may ask "What is a crazy man anyways?" Well the best definition I can come up with is one that is scattered in many many ways. This includes but is not limited to: Children's, editorial, book, and concept illustration, Madonnari Street painting, Oil and Acrylic painting which includes figurative and landscape, teaching, and a director on the Minneapolis College of Art and Design's Alumni Board of Directors.

So my hope is that I will be able to utilize this blog for not only showcasing the work I am working on, but also to give thoughts and ideas on what is working, and what is not, in the life of my arts here in the Twin Cities. If you wish to venture further and check out my website you can find it at

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