Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wed. Sketch

Well after reading "Art Lady's" posting about a sketch or painting of the day, I thought I would try it out. So here is my self portrait sketch that I did a little while ago. I find that sometimes I have a hard time looking at myself to do a drawing or painting, but the more I do it the less I think about it and just go for it.

Elsewhere in my work I am getting excited for a couple of things I am working on. The first items are some grant and residency proposals that I am getting ready. It is so interesting to look back over last years work and see the progress that has been made. I even ran across a few events that I did that I had forgetten about. The other thing I am preparing for is a number of paintings that are going to be the result of my recent trip to Arizona. What a beautiful part of the country. I can't wait to get started on the pieces soon. Some will be from the Grand Canyon area and others will be from areas such as the Apache Trail and areas around Peoria and such. Stay tuned for images to come.


Jean A. said...

Shawn: U never stop amazing me. I really liked your s-portrait. The site is fantastic! I'm not a blogger, but I may become one. Keep up the good work and the best of luck with another new venture in the life & times of artist extrordinaire, Shwan McCann. That being said, I know it's your creativity and hard work that is the key to your success, not luck. Jean A.

Karen said...

Your site will be very exciting. I'm looking forward to your daily drawings.
Nice portrait, but no smile? You look too serious (Ha, Ha)! But we know the real you....
Good luck with this site and I'll keep in touch.
Luv, Mom

Art Lady said...

If anybody has any doubts about how far and fast Shawn is going to go, just get ready for a great ride and be prepared to keep up! Looking forward to seeing the new pieces that come from the trip. Love ya kid!