Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sketch of the day

As you can see by the sketch that I posted I have been working more and more with the portrait lately. I have noticed that as I work on these quick samples the flow seems to come sooner. Maybe because I am starting to see the features a little quicker and am not expecting a whole lot since they are just sketches. None the less, I find them intriquing in an of themselves and very important when it comes to actually going into the studio to work. With this lady, she was trying to figure out what I was doing and why! After I was done though I quick showed her and she laughed about it. She said had she known what I was doing she would have smiled a little bit. But that's one thing I like about quick getting people drawn before they know it. Otherwise they seem to pose too much and the character tends to disappear in their demeaner.

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Karen said...

This is getting scary! I'm not sure I want to visit with you, knowing I'll probably be next. (Just kidding) It sure keeps me wondering what is coming next. I love it! One wonders how much you can still think of after a days duties at work. Glad to know there is imagination that still flows and can be captured. Thinking of you.