Thursday, January 25, 2007

ITS DONE! .... I think

Hey everyone, I think the Apache Painting is finished!! It finally seemed to be at a point that I could call it complete. What do you all think?


Deb said...

Hey Shawn,
Can you believe it?I did it.I love the painting! A series?How awesome!I think you should pick the blues poster,who better than the great blues fan you are.Have you worked anymore on the dessert?Maybe we'll come and listen to your story.Keep up the craziness.Deb

Art Lady said...

Very nice! Different than your usual style but still the same feeling with the brushwork. What happened with the painting with the tree? You called it an underpainting but it was looking really good. Keep it up! What dessert???

Shawn McCann said...

Thanks Art Lady. The painting with the tree is still being worked on and will be back up and in the blog the beginning of the week. It just is taking a little longer with the size of it and all. As for the dessert, it was meant to be desert I believe!