Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just when things...

Just when things looked as if I didn't have anything to do, another exhibition has rolled around. I found out this morning that I will be exhibiting some new work in a solo show out in Waconia in May. It will start on the 7th and will run for approxamitly 6 weeks. I am really excited about this show because it will be displaying some of the new pieces I am creating now of the Grand Canyon series. You can about imagine what the next few months are going to be like. But that is good because it will keep me out trouble and keep my mind to task. So to recap the week of crazy events listings(sorry for them all), I have three upcoming exhibitions, a book reading, a lecture/workshop event, and the Gateway Project along with some great competitions that are coming round the bend. Wish me luck and It would be great to hear from you guys to keep me sane!

One final note is that some of my prints of paintings are now able to be bought and framed online at If you type in my name in the search window I have a few images available so far. Will hopefully get some of my playful illustrations in there as well in the next few days. Until tomorrow, have a good night.

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Karen said...

Just letting you know that I check in daily on your blog. Glad to hear things are going as busy as you would like it to be. Glad you have extra energy after a days work. Keep it up, and take care.